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Eranos Circle

The Eranos Circle
Founder and Director: Ştefan Borbély

The circle was founded in autumn 1991, within the Faculty of Letters from Cluj, under the aegis of the comparative literature department and it discontinuously operated until summer 1997, when its activity ceased. Its activity was resumed in the spring of 2002, on students’ demand.

The circle promotes broad interdisciplinarity, organising monthly debates on imagology, symbolism, religion, the comparative study of mentalities, psychoanalysis, psycho-criticism, political psychology, psychohistory or philosophy. We welcome the involvement of students belonging to other faculties, who wish to participate in our monthly meetings.

The meetings are held at the Faculty of Letters, our seminar calendar being announced in the press and by posters. Among our guest speakers, you will find leading scholarly figures and academics from Romania and abroad.



- 10 November 2009: A micro-session in honor of poet HERTA MÜLLER, the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Literature, with the participation of Ioan Muşlea, Adriana Teodorescu and Florina Codreanu

- 29 May 2009: A meeting devoted to the Apostrof literary review published in Cluj, celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first issue. Guest speaker: MARTA PETREU
- 5 May 2009: An evening devoted to the counterculture of the ‘60s; guest speaker: ADRIAN DOHOTARU, the author of the volume Anii ’60: mişcări contestatare în SUA – The ‘60s: Contestatory Movements in the USA (Eikon Publishing House, 2008);



- On 9 and 10 December 2008, the ERANOS Circle opened– thus continuing the tradition of meetings dedicated to the celebration of the Counterculture of the ‘60s– a psychedelic duplex, in the course of which, on the first day, ŞTEFAN BORBÉLY held a conference entitled Experienţa psihedelică a lui Timothy Leary (The Psychedelic Experience of Timothy Leary), based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bhardo Thodol), while, on the second day, RUXANDRA CESEREANU delivered a presentation of Muzica psihedelică a formaţiei Pink Floyd (The Psychedelic Music of Pink Floyd), followed by two movie screenings: Live at Pompei (1971) and Delicate Sound of Thunder (Long Island, 1988);

- 20 November 2008: The Eranos Circle hosted the micro-symposium Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, commemorating the writer’s death (3 August 2008). The following delivered lectures on the occasion: SANDA MISIRIANŢU, IOAN MUŞLEA, DORU POP, SANDA CORDOŞ, RUXANDRA CESEREANU, ŞTEFAN BORBÉLY. The texts were published in a special issue of Steaua review;

- 21 April 2008: NORMAN MANEA (New York), who has recently received a Doctor Honoris Causa degree from Babeş-Bolyai University, and CLÉMENCE BOULOUQUE (Paris), held the debate entitled Trecutul ca ficţiune (The Past as Fiction)
- 20 March 2008: Screening of the documentary The Source, (1999), in honor of the Beat Generation, during the series of documentary conferences devoted to the Counterculture of the ‘60s.



- 11 December 2007: During the series of themed conferences devoted to the Counterculture of the ‘60s, CRISTINA FELEA gave a paper on the Beat Generation
- 5 December 2007: MR. RADU HADÂRCĂ, President of the “Spirit românesc” (“Romanian Spirit”) Foundation, debated Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code;

alongside the students from the History of images: History of Ideas Master’s Degree – 22 November 2007 (the commemoration of the assassination anniversary of the American president John F. Kennedy): ŞTEFAN BORBÉLY launched the series of conferences and documentary nights dedicated to the Counterculture of the ‘60s, the first meeting proposing an examination of the socio-historical context of the period;

- 29 May 2007: Guest Speaker: German poet HELLMUT SEILER, a native of Rupea, currently living in Stuttgart, introduced his volume Pădurea de interdicţii – The Forest of Interdictions (Limes Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca);

- 4 May 2007: Herder Prize Laureate, author MARIN MINCU, delivered a paper entitled Mircea Eliade: perioada de tinereţe (Mircea Eliade: His Youth)
- 28 March 2007: ANDRADA FĂTU-TUTOVEANU set up a Chilean Night, with an emphasis on the representation of exile in Chilean literature, music and film;

- 13 March 2007: Mini-symposium dedicated to the Centenary of the birth of Mircea Eliade> MARTA PETREU, MIRCEA MUTHU, CORIN BRAGA and ŞTEFAN BORBÉLY delivered presentations;

- 28 February 2007: The Eranos Circle had Parisian Professor CLAUDE KARNOOUH as a guest. The latter delivered a lecture entitled Euroscepticismul ca optimism (Euroscepticism as optimism)



- 24 November 2006: Eranos debated a controversial theme: CNSAS (The National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives) from an Insider’s Perspective, having researchers ALINA ILINCA and LIVIU BEJENARU, employees of the Council, as guest speakers;

- 10 November 2006: Professor MARIN MINCU, a Herder Prize Laureate, held a debate entitled Umberto Eco: omul şi opera (Umberto Eco: the Man and his Work);

- 9 May 2006: CLAUDE KARNOOUH (Paris) delivered a lecture regarding The Recent Student Protests in France (Recentele tulburări studenţeşti din Franţa);

- 6 April 2006: The Eranos Circle debated the novel Cruciada copiilor (The Children’s Crusade) in the presence of prose writer FLORINA ILIS. Ilis’s book, Fenomenul science fiction în cultura postmodernă. Ficţiunea cyberpunk (The Science Fiction Phenomenon in the Postmodern Culture: Cyberpunk Fiction, Argonaut Publishing House, 2006), was presented.



- 8 December 2005: The Eranos Circle celebrated 15 years since the Revolution of December 1989. SIDONIA GRAMA delivered a lecture, presenting a series of images dedicated to The Days of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989;

- 26 October 2005: A literary evening dedicated to a journey to Moscow, on the tracks of Mikhail Bulgakov, made by MARTA PETREU, RUXANDRA CESEREANU, VIRGIL MIHAIU and CORIN BRAGA, following an enquiry into the novel published in Steaua magazine;

- 23 September 2005: Author ANDREI OIŞTEANU, a native of Bucharest and a member of The Group for Social Dialogue (Romanian: Grupul pentru Dialog Social, GDS), launched the book entitled Imaginea evreului în cultura română – The Image of the Jew in Romanian Culture (Bucharest: Humanitas Publishing House); the Hungarian translation appeared at the Kriterion Publishing House in Cluj-Napoca (A képzeletbeli zsidó). The following attended: IRINA PETRAŞ, SZABÓ GYULA, HADHÁZY ZSUZSA, HORVÁTH ANDOR, LADISLAU GYÉMÁNT;

- 22 March 2005: A literary-musical meeting with the subeditors of the European review Plotki, CRISTINA NOVAC, FELIX WOLFF and NICOLE DOERR. ALEXANDRA MUREŞAN and NORBERT ANDOR contributed to discussions;

- 15 March 2005: Eranos members reflect on Ioana Em. Petrescu’s Jurnalul – The Diary (Bucharest: Paralela 45 Publishing House, 2004). The following attended: ROZALIA BORCILĂ, ELENA NEAGOE, IRINA PETRAŞ, MIRCEA BORCILĂ, ION VLAD, VASILE VOIA, ION POP, PETRU POANTĂ, DIANA ADAMEK, IOANA BOTH, MIRCEA PETEAN.



- 7 December 2004: The launch of the volume Le Paradis interdit au Moyen-Âge. La quete manquée de l’Eden oriental (The Forbidden Paradise in the Middle Ages: The Failed Quest for the Oriental Eden) by CORIN BRAGA (Paris: Harmattan Publishing House), in the presence of the author. IOANA BOTH and ŞTEFAN BORBÉLY gave talks;

- 29-30 October 2004: The Eranos Circle was a co-organizer of the Michel Foucault Symposium, alongside IOANA BOTH and CIPRIAN MIHALI;

- 6 May 2004: MATEI CĂLINESCU delivered a paper entitled Mateiu I. Caragiale. Recitiri (Mateiu I. Caragiale: Rereadings);

- 5 May 2004: Psychoanalyst ION VIANU, accompanied by MATEI CĂLINESCU, gave a paper entitled Ce este un tată? (What is a father?);

- 4 May 2004: Professor MATEI CĂLINESCU (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA) gave a paper entitled Ionesco – de la Englezeşte fără profesor la Cantatrice Chauve (Ionesco – from English without a Teacher to Cantatrice Chauve)

- 12 March 2004: American Romanian academic, EUGEN J. PENTIUC (Harvard University) held the conference Lectura Bibliei, azi. (The Bible Reading Nowadays). On this occasion, Professor Pentiuc’s volume Spaima de real (The fear of the Real) was also launched, with the participation of AUREL SASU;

- 10 March 2004: RUXANDRA CESEREANU presented an evocation entitled Fenomenul Piaţa Universităţii – 1990 (The Universiy Square Phenomenon – 1990);
- 25-26 February 2004: Author DAN CULCER, former managing editor of the Vatra review, currently Director of the Parisian review Asymetria held two conferences at Eranos: Discurs despre memorie (A Speech About the Memory), respectively Resursele neconvenţionale în cercetarea sociologică (Unconventional Resources in the Sociological Research);



- Symposium – “Festivalului Mondial al Tineretului din 1953” – “The International Youth Festival of 1953”;

- Marta Petreu – “Umbrela lui Nae Ionescu. Generatia ‘27 (Noica-Eliade-Cioran) intre fascinatie si reconsiderare critica” – “Nae Ionescu’s Umbrella: The ’27 Generation (Noica-Eliade-Cioran) between Fascination and Critical Reconsideration”;

- Sorin Mitu, Ovidiu Pecican – “Istoriografia romaneasca, azi. De la mitologia nationala la adevarul trecutului” (“Romanian Historiography Today: from National Mythology to the Truth of the Past”);

- Françoise Bonardel – “Imaginaire de la transmutation” (“The Imaginary of Transmutation”) ;

- Virgil Mihaiu – “Jazzul ca sinteza artistica la inceputul mileniului 3” (“Jazz as an Artistic Synthesis at the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium”);

- Aurel Sasu – “Dictionarul Scriitorilor Romani (DSR)” (Dictionary of Romanian Writers)
- Oleg Garaz – “Muzica si literatura” (“Music and Literature”).



- Conference: J.-J. Wunenburger, “L’Arbre aux images” – “Tree with Images” (online text);

- A debate of the book ”Omul recent” (“The Recent-Day Man”) by H.-R. Patapievici

- Likes and dislikes regarding the literary criticism practiced at the Faculty of Letters.


Highlights of themes debated between 1991 and 1997:

  • Myth and rite in a Freudian perspective;
  • Oedipus: towards a Jungian myth analysis;
  • Jung and archetypology;
  • Jung: the symbolic architecture of the Bollingen House;
  • Lustration rites;
  • Sacrificial rites in the Old Testament;
  • Unicorns and other symbolic animals’
  • Philosophical postmodernism;
  • The birth trauma from a Psychohistorical Perspective.


Stefan Borbély:
The Faculty of Letters. The academic staff of the Comparative Literature Department (office 122, 2nd floor)
Phone: [40-64] 134898; 134948, extension 5505