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Posthumanist Configurations


Carmen Borbély & Petronia Popa Petrar, Foreword [7]


I. Configurations of Posthumanist Thought

Horea Poenar, (Another) Year Zero: The Commons in a Posthuman Age [11-36]

Rareș Moldovan, Authentes: a Shadow-Play or A Series of Observations in “Post” about Authenticity [37-47]

Călina Părău, Thinking and Constructing Moments of Split [48-56]

Attila Kovács, Anonymity and Spectral Existence in Urban Space [57-65]

Marius Conkan, Mapping Literature: Geocritical Thinking and Posthumanism [66-76]

Marie-Agnès Cathiard, De l’« imaginaïf » en prosthétique [77-92]

Cosmina Moroșan, Peace and Technology. Michel Serres [93-98]


II. Figurations of Posthuman Becoming

Christian Moraru, Crossing the Kafka Network: Schulz, Blecher, Foer, and the Repositioning of the Human [101-116]

Giovanni Rotiroti, Subjectivations et désubjectivations post-humaines. Corps de langage et flux inconscients dans le matérialisme enchanté d’Urmuz et Gherasim Luca à partir de la pensée de Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari [117-131]

Doru Pop, Replicant Theologies of the Early Robocene or The Covenant of Procreating Replicants, Cybernetic Fertility and Divine Androids [132-142]

Alina Preda, “New Planets for Old”: A Posthumanist Ecocritical Approach to Jeanette Winterson’s Ustopia  [143-159]

Ruxandra Cesereanu, Lanark and Unthank – Posthuman Elements in Alasdair Gray’s Novel [160-166]

Diana Melnic, Vlad Melnic, Shortcut to Posthumanism: Decentring Elements of the Gaming Experience [167-180]

Kwasu D. Tembo, Among Them but Not One of Them: A Xenological Exploration of the Otherness and Power of DC Comics’ Superman [181-199]

Nóra Máthé, “Are You Thor, the God of Hammers?” – Mixing the Posthuman and Old Norse Mythology in Thor: Ragnarok [200-206]

Nicolae Andrei Szilagyi, The Human in the Context of a Posthuman World [207-217]

Cristina Diamant, Archiva(b)l(e) Bodies and Cyber Afterlife in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas [218-228]

Marius Viorel Pușcaș, From Narrative Art to Discourse. A Posthuman Approach in Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife [229-238]


III. Refiguring Past Trauma, Prefiguring an Apocalyptic Future

Corin Braga, Antiutopies apocalyptiques et posthumaines  [241-254]

Andrada Danilescu, Beyond the Human: Transhumanist Negotiations and Posthuman Instantiations in Aldoux Huxley’s Brave New World and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas [255-274]

Dana Bizuleanu, Svetlana Alexievich and Posthuman Narratives [275-286]

Anamaria Lupan, Marguerite Yourcenar et le post-humanisme [287-294]

Dana Percec, The Canadian Tempest. Margaret Atwood and Shakespeare Retold as Hag-Seed [295-307]

Aura Poenar, Necessary Monsters. Monstrous Narratives. Haunted Images of Our Time [308-327]


Book Reviews [329-379]