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Mundus imaginalis / Phantasma


Mundus imaginalis / Phantasma
Coordinator: Corin Braga

Mundus Imaginalis
Book Collection
Dacia Publishing House,Cluj-Napoca

Book Collection
Tracus Arte Publishing House, Bucuresti

The syntagm mundus imaginalis was first coined by Henry Corbin who wished to designate  by it what is known as iconosphere or universe of image. What this collection aims to achieve is to gather originals of works or manuscripts in translation exploring the constellations of images and symbols that nurture human culture from within. In turn, these galaxies of symbols cluster together in coherent visions of the universe, images of the world projected by various religious, philosophical or artistic systems. The collection, therefore, comprises many series of works that peruse aspects such as:

The world of images:

  1. Anthropology of Imagination
  2. General Archetypology
  3. Image Theory
  4. Theory of Imagination

Images of the World:

  1. Semantic Visions
  2. Greek Religion and Mystery Cults
  3. Gnosis and Hermetism
  4. Mystic Disciplines: Renaissance and the Modern Age

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